Autumn, 1967-72, Verdun Stadium 

 Those were the days, my friend! 

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 Georgian Football Club 

 Circa 1967-1972 

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A half-century and more ago, there was a team – a football team – called the Georgians. The Georgians’ home was the downtown, “concrete campus” of a university – Sir George Williams University in Montreal. From 1967 through 1972 Georgian football squads fought for the glory of their school at a time when life moved at a different pace than it does today, and football was much more of a game, much less of a business.

With no football field of their own on which to practice or play, the Georgians of the late 60s and early 70s made the daily trek to Verdun Stadium (a 50-minute bus ride if you couldn’t grab a ride with a teammate with wheels). There were years when a dirty dozen guys showed up for the first practice of the season and chose, over the next two weeks, to spend their study time (not so serious) and their party time (very serious) recruiting willing comrades at a sales booth in the downtown Hall Building, just so they could field a team.

The Georgians, ranging in age from their late teens to early twenties, were not renowned for their winning football tradition, recording a 6-4 record in their best season. But they were acclaimed, indeed feared, for their relentless pursuit of a sensible life balance between rigorous physical conditioning disciplines and skills development, and equally rigorous off-field good times, on and about their downtown Montreal campus.

Georgian dedication to this unique philosophical stance served to bond Georgian players of that era with a sense of camaraderie, dare I say love, for one another that most would expect to dissolve with time as post-graduate years are consumed by responsibilities for spousal partners, for growing families and for work. And indeed adulthood, and the 1973 merger of Sir George Williams University with Loyola College to form Concordia University and erase the Sir George name from those of Montreal educational institutions, took its toll on our Georgian bonds.

But the love never died and then, in 2017, exactly 50 years after Sir George Williams University’s first ever entry into Canadian football history, a miracle happened – miracles do happen, you know – when long-time Concordia University coach Pete Regimbald got his hair cut one day, at the same barber frequented by a genuine Georgian of that era of a half-century ago, Bruce Charron (corner linebacker). Pete suggested that it might be fun to gather a few Georgian Old Boys for the 2017 Concordia Homecoming Football Game. Bruce reached out to a few local Georgians and the rest, as they say, is History. Thirty-three Georgians gathered that year for a raucous 50th Anniversary Reunion, dubbed the 1st "Georgian Homecoming Huddle", and in 2018 an expanded group founded the Georgian Football Club whose mission is to render eternal, their unique philosophy for Friendship, Football, Fun and Lifelong Learning.

In 2018, year 2 of our Georgian Huddle history, GFC founding director, the late, great Bruce Charron established the GEORGIAN FOOTBALL CLUB AWARD FUND in support of our mission to help today’s Concordia Stinger Football Players achieve their educational ambitions and improve their lives. From their own membership, Georgians raised over $24,000 in donations. And in 2019 the Club successfully launched the GFC LIFE COACH “Old Player to Young Player” MENTORSHIP PROGRAM to enable cross-generational sharing of encouragement, ideas, and networking opportunities, all in support of our mission to improve the lives of young Stinger Football players.


Fifty years ago, the Georgians’ cross-town rivals were the Loyola Warriors. Today the two schools are one and Old Warriors are rising to the challenge once more, working to reunite their own club members in the model of their Georgian rivals. Fifty years on, Georgians and Warriors still carry the ball, block and tackle, now together in support of today's young, Concordia Stinger football players as we reach out to the greater Concordia University and Montreal communities to help us build a strong future of lifelong learning for a few young men, from a foundation of friendship, football and fun laid by 33 old men in 2017.


Go Stingers, Go!


Our Mission: For Friendship, Football, Fun and Lifelong Learning

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